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customer voice data into actions, 
Democratizing consumer intelligence.


I am obsessed with transforming complex voice of customer data into clear narratives that drive strategic decision-making, customer-centric growth, and sustainable long-term value.

Areas of expertise


Data-driven Consulting

  • Customer acquisition & retention strategy

  • Content measurement and monetization strategy


Consumer Research & Insights

  • Uncovering consumer behavior trends across industries and markets

  • Identify what are the popular, emerging or seasonal customer needs in your category


Integrated Marketing Analytics

  • Implementation of Google Marketing Platform, GA4 and Google Tag Management for Campaign activation

  • 1s and 2nd party data integration 

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Josh Moore

Atul is an extremely hard worker, that has an amazing ability to see the larger picture and understand the strategy, as well as execute down to the minute detail.


Ritin Singh

He has a consultative approach to address the client’s objectives & challenges and has delivered projects across the Indian Sports & Entertainment landscape, showcasing his analytical thinking


Hemant Pawar

Atul's knowledge of business and people coupled with his dedication to goals make him more than an excellent. He is also on the cutting edge of what’s new in the world of online marketing, branding, and e-commerce.

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