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Currently, I am open to job opportunities across the industries. If you think I am a fit, call me or email me

Experience Summary

  • 6 years of advanced experience in implementing NLP and AI-powered social listening and analytics for consumer research, category research, and optimizing marketing strategies

  • 4 years of experience in ideating, planning, and executing digital/social campaigns for brands across education, clothing, hospitality domains

  • Experience in writing and presenting insightful reports for internal and external stakeholders 

  • Exposure to working with multinational agency and startup culture

For Brands

I can work with brands in multiple ways

  • Content insights - will help you engage better with the digital audience by putting relevant themes, topics, and communication into strategy

  • Product research/insights - know what, where and why about your or competitor's product on digital platforms

  • Influencer marketing - collaborate and activate your digital/social media campaigns with influencers who fit with your brand value

  • Collaborative / Sponsorship Marketing - Will help in planning, evaluating, and executing branded content activations with sports, entertainment, and lifestyle properties that yield results.

For Agencies

I have been working with agencies that included roles requiring to provide digital services for clients. If you are hiring for an agency, I will assist in the following ways:

  • Solution Design / Client Servicing - You might be having a diverse portfolio of clients with different needs and objectives - I will work with clients to design digital solutions which will address their key challenges and objectives

  • Fan/consumers Insights for clients - will work towards building insights using social data for clients that are coherent, actionable, and story-telling 

Sports Franchises

Having worked at Sports & Entertainment marketing agency for 6 years, I have gained a vast knowledge of what works and what doesn't on digital platforms for sports franchises. Below are the ways I can add value at sports & entertainment rights holders:

  • Digital Commercial Strategy - will assist in digital assets creation and sales story development that will add value in overall franchise revenue

  • Sponsorship Service - Will liaise with sponsors and partners to provide sponsorship services across digital platforms

  • Fan Intelligence - will provide a detailed view into sports fans that will aid you to tailor your content and fan engagement strategy

  • Digital Activation planning and execution - will get involved in ideating, planning, implementing creative campaigns that engage fans, athletes and sponsors 

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