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Red Notice

Updated: May 31, 2021

Have you read a book and everything you do on internet revolves around it? Searching more about author is common but digging deep into incidents from the book becomes a rare obsession. Similarly, I became obsessed of Red Notice by Bill Browder and felt strongly attached to the book. I picked up this Kindle version out of curiosity and got hooked on it immediately. It starts with the detention of the author at the Russian airport and it changed everything I thought I knew about Russia.

This book takes you through a bumpy ride the author had in Russia and outside Russia by Russians. I always heard words like 'Russian mafia' and not beyond that but when I took this book to read I learned how everyone in Russian authority is involved in organized crime.

Bill, the author, is from a communist family background, however, he's a rebellious just as like you and me and becomes a famous capitalist. He travels to Russia and discovers that there's a lucrative opportunity to invest as Russia was going through communism to capitalism, in doing so Russia was giving away all its state property for free. The author gained a huge success in his investment that it grew by 800%. So I thought this book was going to end up a fairy tale until I read the part where the author's lawyer, Sergei Magnitsky, gets arrested after he unearths the biggest scam in Russian history and from that moment I learned through this book that in Russia, 'there are no happy ending stories'.

I am not a good reviewer but as an ordinary book reader, in my experience, this book is full of thrill in reality. The way the author narrates the details about horrific incidents happened with him and his colleagues and author's will power to fight back, it seems that you're the part of the fight against Russian criminality.

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