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Star Sports - Pro Kabaddi


Social media Analytics Lead

Challenge (s)

Star Sports, the organizer & broadcaster of PKL, wanted to see if digital channels can support their sponsorship revenue as TV and onsite media assets not being enough to deliver results. Below were the key challenges:

  • Which of their clubs can generate enough KPI results through social media and other digital assets for sponsorship deals

  • What's the monetary value of the content being published their club social media channels, mobile app, and official website

  • What kind of fanbase profiles do they have on social media and what kind of activations/campaigns they can initiate to amplify the engagement -What kind of sponsorship activations other sports franchises are initiating for their partners


To address challenges, I played a key role in devising a solution that would:

audit: categorize the client capabilities including reach, influence, content stories, content formats, and publishing timeline

Monitor: tracking of owned, fan-generated & competitor's content stories to identify key trends that are driving conversations and engagement.

Evaluate: branded content and its media value (using brand exposure quality index method)

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